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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fresh woes

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The year 2008 started with downslide in stock index and ended with Madeoff. The new Year has begun for India with Satyam fiasco.

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Madoff and Raju Made off

One may walk the way with a lantern in his hand and still fall into a ditch.

The sudden disclosures about their fraudulent dealings in late December 2008 and first week of January 2009 made Madoff and Ramalinga Raju overnight notorious.

From Fairfield Greenwich Advisors, $7.50 billion; Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC; BNP Paribas, to AXA SA. The loss totals to some $22.32 billions.

the whistle-blower

Satyam got involved with Maytas, construction and infra-structure companies of his sons. Raju did announce to the world that he was going to misuse Satyam funds by creating a company with a name that is the reverse of Satyam-Maytas.


This only brings to my mind the play by Ayn Rand, "Night of January 16th."

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