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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Satyam _Maytas

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How greed ends

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Image Satyam computers

There is no god higher than truth. -Mahatma Gandhi

Ethics in any business house percolates only from the top and one wonders what the others would have done when the most powerful man had acted like this.

Any business has a life of its own, once it comes into being. Satyam did grow into a big business house and the man who created it is now the man behind its fall. It is strange that this man had acted like this. Normally only third parties would be responsible for the downfall of any company of this stature. A loss of perspective has created the fiasco 'A mote in the mind's eye...' Shakespeare

Don't search for or go after money; you will lose your valuable self.

Dust thou art to dust thou shalt be.

He was struggling to manipulate accounts and should have been living in Hell for years. He should feel jail Heaven

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