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Monday, June 30, 2008

Stress-The breaking point

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No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character. - John Morley

Stress can be good as well bad. It is the achiever and the destroyer. The good ones create elation. But the bad ones have to be taken care of. It is a psychological factor. Treatments vary where a bad stress has caused strange results.

Stress expresses itself in its own way. It differs in its expression from person to person. It is purely dependent on one’s individual likes, dislikes and one’s intensity to feel. Expectations create stress. When expectations turn into ambitions the more is the stress that is felt. In humans the stress is directly elated to their love, affection and expectations.

Stress can be transitory or permanent. This depends on the actions and incidents. When one goes on a ride on a giant wheel there is stress. This is purely transitory and one expects to suffer this and bears this with the ultimate aim of completing or with a feeling of adventure and its resultant joy. Even the simple crossing of a busy road may create stress.

The sudden or accidental loss of a loved one or the separation from a partner who one held dear can create permanent stress. This may turn to be severe in some cases and such people affected by this type of intense stress may need treatment. I have heard of people who keep to themselves and remain aloof and non-communicative after some such incident.

Work related stress is another factor. The need to complete a job and that too successfully or to overcome competition will certainly create stress. This stress may turn into fear and result in loss of perception and attention. Any failure may turn into stress that develops into a severe mental strain leading to lunacy.

Children also feel intense stress and are affected by that. This may be because of the comparison of oneself with other children. Parents, on most occasions, become the cause for stress in children. They unconsciously create this stress by comparing them with others and on many occasions compelling them to do things which they value high and want their children to become skilled in that.

Will Power plays an important role. The positive attitude that everything is for the good and life is enjoyable because it travels in an undulating path will make one overcome stress and its bad effects.

But all these are dependent on one’s intensity to feel. People who are affected by intense feelings are clear targets for stress and stress related problems. Help comes in the form of prayers and people who have religion in them nearly overcome the bad effects. A knowledge and understanding of forces that are external which act for and against us is a basic quality to bear stress in a positive way.

Music, by far the soft music which calms the mind, certainly helps one to overcome and face the ill-effects of stress.

There is just one life for each of us: our own.- Euripides

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