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Monday, September 1, 2008

Stress and IBS

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Happy Days and Stress

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Stress brings about IBS and IBS, Stress. They both are intertwined and inseparable.

The day begins with our visit to the toilet. The free bowel movement which makes one feel light and happy is the mark of the beginning of a pleasant day. Many face ugly moods of persons who suffer from either constipation or improper bowel movement. The relationship with others gets strained due to physical irritations and the consequent irritable mood. This may at times bring on stomach ache. There are many web sites which can give you the symptoms. I have also come across people who take a glass of hot water in preparation to the visit to the toilet.

There are people who suffer from regular irritable bowel, which marks itself by the look they have on their faces. I have seen many who always have a frown. You say anything to such people, they counter it with a sarcastic remark and complete their reply with a remark that the whole thing is basically foolish and impossible.

The relief for this type of irritation as well as the consequent relief from stress lies with the individual. The best course may be to regulate one’s food habits. There are medicines and elaborate treatments available in the market for chronic sufferers but such treatments and medicinal relief are all purely and totally temporary and any permanent relief lies in one's habits-particularly food habits.

Green vegetables, leaves, banana fruits (yellow and ripe) and many other ripe fruits will certainly help.

Light on meat and more of vegetarian food intake and drinking of enough water are some suggestions. Those who suffer from irregular bowel movement should also check for worms and de-worming will help. There are certain external symptoms which point to worms. Children may get slight discoloration in patches in their cheeks and may also poke into their nostrils often. Grown-ups may also poke unconsciously and they may also grind their teeth while sleeping. Such symptoms point to worms.

Oranges are easily available in the market and one should not make juice of it and take it. Take time to peel the outer thick skin but eat along with the thin inner skin after removing the seeds. The thin skin is not digestible but cleans the stomach and bowels while it travels through the alimentary canal.

One should also take into account one’s daily routine. If one is tied to the seat and meets people or uses the system or looking after accounts, one is sure to become stressed and irritable. So a change in life style is needed. Go for long walks and involve yourself in sports and games.

Many medicines that are available in the market have side effects and they also warn you of the same. Better fall back on alternative medicines and I know people who had excellent results and relief with Silicea, a Homeo remedy. But whatever you do, the relief depends on your food habit.

Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. - Richard Carlson

You may wish to see this video on frown at YouTube. I also embed this for ready viewing.



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